My Regimen

Lawd HAMMERCY! It's taken me a while to figure out my regimen. But in the midst of my transition, I've finally gotten the hang of things. So here is my wash and go regimen as well as my straightening regimen.

For WAGs:

Shampoo (optional). After rinsing out the shampoo, I take a light conditioner to rinse my scalp and hair clean again, while adding moisture to the hair strands. Apply this conditioner to the scalp only, using fingertips work conditioner into the scalp. Gently rinse, and finger comb if you wish. Next, apply a generous amount of a thick conditioner to hair length (make a ponytail) and the leftovers to the roots. Let sit for a minute or two. Taking a shower comb, put head under water faucet in shower and let the water get out the first set of tangles. Working the comb from the ends up, detangle as necessary. Squeeze some, but not all, excess water from hair. Re-apply the rinse out conditioner and clip hair up and put on a plastic cap. When finished with shower, unclip hair and begin combing gently with denman brush. As your curls begin to clump, squeeze out excess moisture with a paper towel or tshirt. Begin finger combing, raking, and shingling hair. Scrunch.Continue to scrunch hair like this. For added shine, take a quarter size amount of your favorite oil to about two tablespoons worth of conditioner. Apply to hair and scrunch again. Let hair air dry.

*Whenever I go outside, I make sure to use a deep conditioner like Aussie 3MM (Sydney Smooth). This way, when I'm in the sun, it heats up my deep conditioner naturally! You'll notice a big difference once you start incorporating this into your regimen.

For Straightening:

Prepoo damp hair with egg whites or whole/buttermilk (protein), then rinse out. Wash and condition like above, except I do not put in a rinse-out for leave in purposes. I clip the hair and put on a shower cap to maintain moisture of hair. After getting out of shower/changing clothes etc., I detangle hair again and section scalp. I apply my scalp oil treatment all over and then add my deep condtioner mix (ORS Replenishing, honey, olive oil, castor oil, sometimes coconut oil). Sit under soft bonnet dryer for 30 minutes to an hour. Then I rinse hair with cold water and ACV.

 Spritz hair vigorously with Rosewater, apply a light conditioner as leave-in, and Foam wrap lotion all over (less is more). Section hair from four ponytails to as many as you need. Make sure to pull new growth tautly but not TIGHTLY to ensure new growth dries straight I use about 12-14 ponytail holders.When sectioning, make sure to first comb with shower comb then with small rattail comb, this will ensure less tangles and breakage. When hair is in ponytail, apply a dime size amount of serum to each section. Comb and pull tightly. Roll hair (or apply end papers) as taughtly as possible (BUT it shouldn't hurt), when reach scalp secure with pin. When head is completely rolled, sit under dryer for an hour or more until dry. Take out rollers and pin curl or finger comb curls.

  Silk Wrap
 For added straightening, after taking out rollers, moisturize hair with favorite moisturizer and wrap hair. Once hair is wrapped tightly apply and wrap saran warp around head. Sit under dryer again, anywhere from 5 minutes to 30 minutes. Unwrap and enjoy!

 Braid, roll (satin rollers), bun, or wrap hair. Make sure you use a nice moisturizer since the body sucks alot of water and moisture out of the body while it's sleeping. I like to baggy with coconut oil, shea butter, or unpetroleum jelly. Seal with whatever oil you like (almond, grapeseed, and olive are great for this). Use a scarf or bonnet and sleep!

Hope this helps!